Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Four: Totes Emosh

Today we woke up (late) at the Opal Hotel in San Fransisco. I LOVE the Opal! Love it. I (Chrissy) tend to be the one booking the hotels and this one is always a pleasure to interact with. The people who work there are amazing. Super friendly, down to earth and hilarious. They have really helped us out twice now. Love them, can't recommend that place enough.

San Fransisco was fantastic. The band parted ways for half of the day and Talia and I had a BOMB brunch in the mission at a place called Boogaloos. We walked over to Delores Park and posted up under the shade of some palm trees. We were fortunate enough to see a buxom lady's breast fall out of her shirt AND run into our tour mates at the park.

The rest of the day involved ice cream cones and our favorite Oakland resident Mr. Jason Thomas Romero taking us up to twin peaks. We chugged the van up those San Fran hills and were rewarded with TOTES EMOSH views of the city and the Pacific ocean.

We piled back in the van and headed across the bay bridge into Oakland to reassemble the band and get set up for our show at Kermit the House. As we took the stage that night it was very apparent that out normal band vibe was NOT there. On every tour there seems to be a night where reality sets in and you realize that you are not invincible, that drinking whiskey, staying up late and sweating all day in a van is not what your body wants. Last tour this happened in Vegas. This time it was Oakland. I'll just say that the Oakland show was not our best. Memorable, but not our best.

BUT! All was not lost. The aforementioned Mr. Jason Thomas Romero saved the (my) night by giving me a glorious tandem bike tour of his neighborhood. So fun. Big thanks to Jason for his hospitality and general awesomeness. Thanks to Kermit the house for having us. Thanks Bay area for being rad.

And the van rolls on.

Hearts and Sparkles,


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